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Group Sign-in Complete

We would love for your to try out our Group Sign-in feature to view items and pricing for a Group. Just select "Group Sign-in" at the top and enter the code "1234". Then click to see items for the group and you are on your way!

Customizing the WebStore

You have the option to customize the menus and menu items and create web pages with graphics and items if you like - just look at the "Best Sellers" menu at the top of the site for examples.


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This WebStore is powered by The Uniform Solution, the #1 selling software for uniform stores. With The Uniform Solution, you can set up a WebStore in just a few minutes by choosing an included header graphic and the vendors and items you already sell in your retail store. Most "Connected Vendors" are providing the images for the items you sell - so it's all ready to go right away. Maintaining your WebStore and retail store is totally seamless and requires no duplicated efforts. Item pricing, stock levels, customer information, and purchase history, are all up to date - always.